Data management comprises all of the disciplines that help to identify the most critical information within an organization and managing that data as a valuable resource. Big data is a term for data sets that are so large or complex that traditional data processing application software’s are inadequate to deal with them.  Today’s enterpri.. read more...

NextPhase Systems Advanced Analytics Practice brings innovative solutions to customers.  With emphasis on predictive analytics, NextPhase Systems provides customers with the ability to move beyond simple reactive operations and into proactive activities that help plan for the future and identify new areas of business..  read more...

Solution Spotlight


  • "NextPhase Systems is a firm you can you can rely on.  They have earned my trust for some of the most mission critical projects we have to deliver on.  I turn to them on a regular basis."
    Manager, Higher Ed Client,
  • “Our organization has set the bar high in terms of expectations from our service delivery partners.  NextPhase has not only reached that bar but has exceeded it with the quality of talent they have provided.” 
    Director, High Tech Client,
  • " The high caliber talent NextPhase Systems has is quite impressive.  They have saved our organization time and money. I no longer waste my time dealing with other consulting firms."  
    Director, Financial Services Client,
  • “Working with NextPhase Systems has been a true pleasure.  They have the industry experience and know-how to understand our business problems and align it with the appropriate team for the job.”
    VP, Retail Client,
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